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CAE srl   

  • The TIRAINFILA is a professionai electric tool, designed to facilitate and automatize the work of the civil and industriai installa-tion electrician

  • The TIRAINFILA inserts or withdraws electrical cables in and out of conduits simply and autonomously

  • Only one installer is required to lay the cables
  • Saves time by inserting the probe into the conduits alone
  • Can be attached to all types of electric boxes on sale, in any position, allowing cables to be inserted into any conduit
  • Withdraws already inserted wires or adds estra wires with a cross-section of up to 10 mmq maximum
  • Supplied in kit: with radio remote control and antenna, 12 A/h 12V Iead battery, battery charger with charging and flat Iimits indicated by a speciai LED, reset button and 25 m of probe with trailing head
  • Can function with 220V power supply and the battery can be recharged in the meantime
  • The tractive effort can be adjusted using a speciai knob for clut-Ch adjustment
  • Stops automatically when the probe head returns; the stopping phase 5 denoted by an acoustic signal
  • Equipped with a switch for shutting-off the radio when not used for long periods


Power supply
Adjustable traction/thrust power
Lead hermetic battery yuasa
Battery autonomy
Control unit battery charger
Receiver and transmitter frequency
Twin-channel with single coding
Transmitter battery
Capacity with telescopical antenna
220V10% - 50/60 Hz
12Vdc - 60 W
015 Kg max
12Vdc - 12 A/h
8 h
4 Dip-switch
9V alkaline
50 metres
Working temperature
Probe with demountable and
trailing head
Coupling in the box
Weight kit complete with the
Warranty for manufacturing defects


4 -25 mt
adjustable and rapid

11 Kg
one year

In conformity with the following european directives:
89/392 EEC, 89/336 EEC and EN 60204-1

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